Top Work From Home Nursing Jobs: Opportunities for Remote RN Careers

Considering a career in nursing, you might assume that work from home nursing jobs are not readily available to you. Surprisingly, there are remote nursing opportunities. Whether you seek a different pace or wish to move away from the long hours typical in healthcare facilities, several potential virtual jobs allow you to stay connected to the nursing field.

This article presents a list of the top remote nursing positions, outlines the advantages of working remotely in nursing, and highlights the essential skills for success in these roles.


Telephone Triage Nurse

Typical Annual Salary: $64,291

Telephone triage nurses assess and guide patients over the phone, helping them decide whether immediate medical attention is necessary, if they should book an appointment, or if they can manage their condition at home based on the patient’s description of their medical concerns.

These telehealth experts leverage their nursing background to evaluate patient needs and severity without physical interaction. It’s a role that offers the freedom of work from home nursing jobs while still enabling nurses to make a positive impact on patients’ lives from a distance.

Online Nursing Faculty

The upcoming cohort of nurses is almost as essential as the current workforce. Hence, they require experienced and supportive instructors who possess a rich background in nursing to provide valuable guidance.

For individuals eager to actively contribute to the education of future nurses in a remote capacity, becoming a part of an online nursing program’s faculty could be an excellent option.

Educators in online nursing programs engage with students at diverse proficiency levels, including those pursuing refresher courses to re-enter the nursing field.

Registered Nurse Case Manager

Average Annual Salary: $69,000

An individual patient’s healthcare plan involves various perspectives and influences. Essential to coordinating a patient’s medical care is the role of a registered nurse case manager.

These professionals, as registered nurse (RN) case managers, determine the required care regimen for their patients and devise strategies to implement and monitor this medical plan. They also supervise nursing staff activities as part of their responsibilities.

Typically holding an advanced nursing degree, an RN case manager brings clinical experience to the role and requires profound expertise in database management and secure handling of patient information.

Medical Coder

Average Annual Salary: $41,000

Every reason, significant or minor, for a visit to the emergency room or doctor corresponds to a specific code within a structured medical encryption system, aiding insurance companies in processing claims efficiently.

Post a patient’s visit to a healthcare facility, a medical coder reviews their records, translates the information, collaborates with other healthcare staff to verify details, and finalizes documents submitted to insurers.

Health Coach

Average Annual Salary: $39,000

Health coaches evaluate a client’s current status and provide guidance and actionable steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a manageable manner. This may encompass daily exercise routines and sustainable diet plans tailored to the individual’s needs.

Beyond devising a personalized plan, health coaches also offer ongoing support and guidance throughout their clients’ health journey until they achieve their wellness objectives.

Virtual Clinical Research Associate

Average Annual Salary: $65,000

Apart from delivering hands-on patient care, individuals with nursing expertise can contribute to the collective healthcare knowledge by venturing into a career as a virtual clinical research associate.

In work from home nursing jobs these professionals utilize the internet to conduct pertinent industry research and assemble database information, often focusing on healthcare or pharmaceutical fields given their nursing background.

Securing a position as a virtual clinical research associate typically necessitates an RN nursing degree.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $54,000

Facilitating patients’ access to necessary medical care involves a detailed process, with proper documentation playing a pivotal role. Clinical documentation specialists examine medical data, ensuring compliance with legal regulations governing the documentation of medical services offered by providers and hospitals.

Accurate recordkeeping not only captures each patient’s symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments but also manages insurance information and safeguards healthcare facilities against legal infractions.

Nurse Recruiter

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

For experienced nurses considering a transition from direct patient care but remaining committed to supporting medical facilities in filling crucial roles, the role of a nursing recruiter could be an ideal choice.

Similar to other recruiter positions, a nursing recruiter assists hospitals and healthcare facilities in identifying suitable candidates for their vacant positions. Their specialization lies in exclusively filling nursing roles.

Nursing recruiters typically hold a bachelor’s degree and are registered nurses, providing them with insights into the qualifications and experience essential for the hospital’s specific positions.


Working in a new virtual environment broadens your professional skills and gives you more opportunities for networking outside of a single facility. Embracing a work from home nursing jobs also comes with the freedom of choosing when and where to work instead of always being bound to commanded hours and locations.

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