Explore the Latest Health Tech Jobs: Opportunities in Medical Technology

Advancements in technology play a crucial role in improving medical diagnostics, treatment, and patient care. Those who are intrested on contributing to these progressive developments might find a right career path in medical technology.

There are plenty of Health tech jobs catering to individuals with varying educational backgrounds. From roles like medical records specialists, that require a high school diploma, to positions such as physician assistants, necessitating advanced degrees, there’s a diverse range of professions available.

Are you Interested in exploring the diverse landscape of health tech jobs?Then Look no further. Below, you’ll find a complete guide to entering the field of medical technology.

Is Health technology a good career?

The world of medical technology holds huge potential for leading roles, such as clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, are projected to expand by 7% until 2031. Whereas the healthcare sector as a whole is growing at a rate of 13%.

Considering a career in health tech jobs? You will need these skills for success in this field:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Many roles in medical tech, like sonography and radiography, that involve direct interaction with patients. Fir such jobs it is necessary to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanor is crucial.
  • Collaborative Nature: Professionals in medical technology work closely with a lot of healthcare experts, like doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners. Effective teamwork is necessary to ensure optimal patient care.
  • Attention to Detail: There are various positions in med tech demand a attention to detail. For example, maintaining accurate patient records is must for health tech jobs like medical assistants or physician’s assistants.
  • Leadership Aptitude: Having strong leadership qualities vital for advancement in the medical technology domain. For jobs like clinical laboratory scientists involves overseeing junior medical or clinical lab technicians, necessitating leadership skills.

Top Health Tech Jobs

Here we have listed some of the health tech jobs, let’s check these out

Clinical laboratory scientist

Clinical laboratory scientists, or medical laboratory scientists, fulfill their duties within hospitals, physicians’ offices, or diagnostic laboratories. Their main job involves the collection of various samples, such as bodily fluids and tissues, for analysis, thereby aiding in medical diagnostics.

Distinguished by their advanced education, clinical laboratory scientists possess the expertise to conduct intricate laboratory work and perform complex analyses, a capacity beyond that of medical or clinical laboratory technicians.

Average Annual Salary: $70,649

Radiologic technologist

Healthcare practitioners rely on imaging technologies such as X-rays to detect a spectrum of conditions, spanning from fractures to cancer. Radiologic technologists are tasked with the responsibility of capturing and examining these images, directly engaging with patients throughout the process.

Average Annual Salary: $64,801

Physician assistant

Physician assistants are licensed healthcare professionals authorized to diagnose ailments, provide treatments, and issue prescriptions to patients.

They operate in diverse healthcare settings, including hospitals, outpatient medical centers, doctors’ offices, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.

Average Annual Salary: $116,162


Sonography equipment utilizes sound waves to generate images of various body parts, commonly referred to as ultrasounds. Diagnostic medical sonographers are tasked with operating this equipment, producing, and interpreting ultrasound scans.

While they are often recognized for producing ultrasound images for expecting mothers, they also perform ultrasounds for organs like the heart and other bodily structures.

Average Annual Salary: $80,500

Medical laboratory technician

Medical laboratory technologists frequently operate under the guidance of clinical laboratory scientists. Their responsibilities primarily involve routine duties such as gathering and handling samples.

In contrast, clinical laboratory scientists typically undertake more comprehensive analyses, report composition, and presentation of results.

Average Annual Salary: $47,850

Medical assistant

Medical assistants can be employed in various healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, behavioral health clinics, and physicians’ offices. Their responsibilities encompass a blend of administrative and clinical tasks, ranging from managing patient records to measuring blood pressure.

Average Annual Salary: $39,003

Medical lab technologist

Medical laboratory technologists share similarities with medical laboratory technicians as they both operate within laboratory settings, undertaking tasks like equipment preparation, analyzing biological samples, and documenting test outcomes.

Nonetheless, a medical laboratory technologist exhibits a slightly higher level of expertise by conducting more intricate tests and analyses. Additionally, they may take on supervisory roles, overseeing other team members.

Average Annual Salary: $58,001

Surgical technician

Surgical technicians or technologists provide support to surgeons and nursing staff within the operating room.

Their duties often involve sterilizing equipment, preparing patients for surgery, collecting and inventorying surgical instruments, and contributing to maintaining the sterility of the operating room environment.

Average Annual Salary: $50,600

Medical records specialist

Institutions such as hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers have the responsibility of gathering, safeguarding, and organizing vast amounts of patient information.

Medical records specialists play a crucial role in assembling and managing patient records while ensuring their secure storage.

Average Annual Salary: $46,660

MRI technologist

Medical diagnostics utilize Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, with MRI technologists playing a pivotal role in capturing MRI images while prioritizing patient comfort and ensuring high-quality imaging.

Their responsibilities may encompass administering contrast solutions via intravenous (IV) methods, inputting patient information into technological systems, and providing explanations about MRI procedures.

Average Annual Salary: $80,090


The medical technology field is always changing and growing, offering new opportunities for everyone. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced situations, then working as an ER tech could be perfect for you. But if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, health tech jobs of medical lab technician might suit you better.

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