Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services: Careers in 2023

Are you good with people? If yes, you might like working in the consumer services industry.

Customer service jobs can be found in many different industries like healthcare, retail, and even computer science. These jobs help companies make their customers happy and figure out ways to make them even happier.

Consumer service jobs are easy to get into, making them the best pick for most people. You can also move up in your career and find more opportunities. But you might be curious about best-paying jobs in consumer services.

In this article, we will look at the top best-paying jobs in consumer services and see how much they pay and what you need to do these jobs.

Pros and Cons of Consumer Services

Consumer services jobs are all about helping people directly. They include various types of jobs in various industries like hotels, stores, banks, hospitals, and more.

These jobs are focused on making customers happy and satisfied and making the customer’s experience easy and pleasant.

If you like working with people, are good at talking to them, and want to give them a great experience, a consumer services job could be a good choice.

Some of these jobs pay well, especially if you become a manager or an expert in a specific area. But these jobs can also be tough. Dealing with unhappy or angry customers can be hard, and some tasks might become boring if you like more variety in your work.

List Of Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

Check out this list of best paying jobs in consumer services.

Hotel General Manager

Being a hotel manager, your job is to take care of everything that happens at the hotel. This includes making sure guests are happy, managing the front desk, keeping the rooms clean, and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Your main job is to make sure guests have a great time, keep the hotel busy, and manage the staff well.

This job pays well in the hotel industry, with most managers making between $93,800 and $137,700 in the US.

Airline Pilot

If you become an airline pilot, your main job is to fly commercial planes. To ensure safety and comfort, you must follow all the rules for flying.

Being a pilot is not easy; to do this job, you need a lot of training and experience, and you must get a special licence. Because of the training and responsibility, airline pilots get paid well.

On average, airline pilots in the US make about $184,201 every year.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker helps people buy and sell properties. You work with both the people selling their homes and the ones looking to buy.

Your skills in making deals, knowing about the housing market, and helping clients through the buying or selling process can earn you a good amount of money through commissions, like bonuses for successful deals.

On average, real estate brokers in the US can earn around $132,540 in a year.

Restaurant General Manager

By becoming a restaurant general manager, your job is to take care of the proper functioning of the restaurant. This includes managing the staff, making sure the service is great, keeping track of money and food, and making the restaurant ambience nice for customers.

If you’re good at making the restaurant a friendly place and giving customers a great dining experience, you can make good money in the food industry.

On average, restaurant general managers earn about $57,192 a year.

Sales Manager (Consumer Products)

Sales managers are the leaders of sales teams. They guide the team on what they need to sell and how to do it to make the company earn more money and get more customers.

If the sales managers are focused on increasing sales and keeping customers happy, they can earn good money. Typically, sales managers can make between $98,108 and $135,025.

Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers are in charge of running the store, making sure customers are happy, and selling more stuff.

If they do a good job at making the store work well and meeting the store’s goals, they can earn a good salary. On average, retail store managers make between $62,344 and $96,441 in a year.

Technical Support Specialist

Technical support specialists work by fixing technical problems and fixing issues with products or services.

If you are good at solving these technical problems, you can earn good money in different industries like technology and consumer electronics.

On average, technical support specialists in the US make about $55,671 in a year.

Client Services Manager

Client services managers play a crucial role in the consumer services industry. They help connect the company and the clients, which are the people using the company’s services.

The main aim of their job is to make sure clients are happy and to fix any problems they might have. In order to be a client service manager, you need to be good at solving issues, talking to people, and making deals.

On average, client services managers make between $52,849 and $72,263 each year.

Customer Success Director

A customer success director is paying jobs in consumer services. It’s a mix of managing, planning for the future, client relationships, and growing the business.

Their main job is to maintain long-term relationships with important clients. They ensure that the clients are happy with the company’s products or services.

But in order to be a customer success director, you need a lot of experience, especially in customer service or managing accounts, particularly in the business-to-business (B2B) world.

On average, customer success directors usually make between $142,586 and $180,017 every year.


As a receptionist, your job is to be the first person customers or visitors meet when they come to your workplace. 

To get a job as a receptionist, you might need different levels of education and skills. For most entry-level jobs, having a high school diploma is enough. But some companies might want you to have a college degree in any subject and relevant work experience.

To be a good receptionist, you should be great at talking to people and making them happy, be good at doing many things at once, and know how to use basic computer programs and office equipment.” The average salary of a receptionist is somewhere around $47,431 per year.

Final Words:

Consumer support services are the ways a company talks to its customers. These jobs usually mean you help customers in different ways, like in person or on the phone, through email, or live chat.

Sometimes, your job could be to do one thing, like helping someone open an account over the phone. 

Other times, you might have to do lots of different things as the company needs. Here, we have listed the best-paying jobs in consumer services along with their average salary. Hope you find this article useful.


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