Explore the Latest Tech Remote Jobs: Your Guide to a Digital Career

The COVID-19 pandemic made many people start working from home. More than half of Americans were working remotely by April 2020. Before the pandemic, only around half of bosses hired people to work from home. But now, 94% of them do.

This is great news if you want to work from home and enjoy its perks.

This article will discuss tech remote jobs that let you work from home. These jobs pay well, more than the national average salary of $45,760 annually.

List Of Tech Remote Jobs

If you want to switch to a job that offers the freedom of working from home, consider these career choices in tech remote jobs.

Computer support specialist

Computer support specialists, computer technicians or IT support specialists, help people and businesses with their software, computers, and networks. Computer technicians provide help through phone calls, chats, emails, and remote assistance tools.

Social media manager

Social media marketers work on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok to get new customers and connect with the old ones. As social media is essential for businesses, there will probably be more need for skilled social media experts.

Project manager

Many industries need project managers. As a project manager, you use your skills in organization and working with people to lead teams and finish projects on time and within budget. With new online tools for working together, working from home as a project manager is simpler.

Data analyst

Data analysts work by gathering, tiding up, and explaining data to assist companies in making smarter and efficient choices. Their everyday work usually involve computers and are good for working from home.

Information security analyst

These help safeguard your computers, company’s data, and networks from cyber threats and data leaks by becoming an information security analyst. As remote job trend is boosting, cybersecurity is extra important now. The constant need for cybersecurity experts has led to almost 500,000 job openings in the United States in 2021 alone.

Web or software developer

A web developer has a job of designing and looking after software, websites, and computer or phone apps. Even before the pandemic, web developers were the first ones to start the work from home tradition. It’s a great choice for someone who is imaginative and good at solving problems.

UX designer

If you are someone who likes combining technology and design, then a user experience (UX) job might be a great pick for you. You’ll help improve products to make them easy to use, more fun, and available to everyone using tools that work well for remote work.

Sales representative

As a sales representative, your job is to help customers reach to the products and services that suit them best. Working in sales, especially in as a technology sales representative, you can talk to people online and help support businesses to do well.

Data scientist

Many industries need data scientists who can turn big amounts of data into helpful business ideas. If you like working with numbers and using data to fix problems, think about a job in data science, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

Translator or interpreter

If you expernt in english or any other language then you can work from home using those skills. As a translator, your job is to change written information from one language to another. As an interpreter, you have the job of translating spoken words between languages.

These were some tech remote jobs you can apply for in the ongoing job trends.

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