University of Tennessee Admissions 2024: Application Fees & Deadline

The University of Tennessee situated in the United States is a known good public school that’s been around for more than 225 years now. The university focuses on every single student and makes sure they perform well . UT is one of the best universities in the USA and provides admission to more than 30,559 students studying lots of different subjects in more than 900 undergraduate and graduate programs. UT is also one of the top 350 universities worldwide and welcomes students from over 100 countries.

The University of Tennessee accepts admissions of students for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. They accept about 78.8% of the people who apply, which means they’re somewhat picky about who they choose. The University check the student how well was their performance in school, extra curricular activities outside of class, special talents, your leadership abilities, and any personal statements or letters of recommendation one might include. For international students wanting to study in the USA at UT, they’ll need to do well on competitive exams to increase their chances of getting accepted.

Here are some of the details about University of Tennessee admissions.

First-Year Admission Deadlines for University of Tennessee admissions

For Summer/Fall admissions, the Early Action application deadlines are November 1 for submitting the application and November 15 for completing it. The Regular deadline for University of Tennessee Admissions are December 15 for application submission and January 19 for completion.

For Spring admissions, the deadline for application submission is December 15, but there is no specific completion deadline mentioned.

Early Action decisions are typically released in mid-December, while Regular Admission decisions come out in late February.

Deadlines for international students applying for University of Tennessee admissions follows:

  • For Spring entry: The application deadline is October 15, and the confirmation deadline is November 1.
  • For Summer entry: The application deadline is March 15, and the confirmation deadline is April 1.
  • For Fall entry: Early Action deadline is November 1, and Regular Decision deadline is February 1. The confirmation deadline for Fall entry is May 1.

Application Fees

There is a one-time application fees required for admission. The Fees of $50 is a must however it is waivered on case-by-case basis. You can fill out the Fee waiver request form.

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