University of South Florida Admissions 2024: Application Fees, Deadlines, Acceptance Rate

The University of South Florida maintains an acceptance rate of 44%. Among the admitted applicants who submitted test scores, approximately half presented SAT scores ranging from 1140 to 1330 or ACT scores between 24 and 29.

Notably, one-quarter of accepted students achieved scores higher than these ranges, while another quarter secured scores lower than these benchmarks. The application deadline for the University of South Florida is March 1.

Admissions officials at the University of South Florida hold a high regard for a student’s GPA as a crucial academic criterion. While an applicant’s high school class rank is considered if available, admissions officials do not take into account letters of recommendation.

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University of South Florida Admissions Deadlines

The University of South Florida is currently accepting applications for both undergraduate and graduate programs across three semesters. Here are the upcoming deadlines specifically for undergraduate programs:

Type Date
Application Opens August 8
Application Due November 1
Test Scores Submission December 1
Priority Admission Decisions February 23


University of Florida Graduate Admissions

The University of Florida offers over 200 graduate degree programs. The application prerequisites for these programs exhibit slight variations concerning recommendations and test score submissions.

International students are strongly advised to consult their respective program departments for comprehensive understanding of the specific admission requirements at the University of Florida.

Application Portal: University of Florida Graduate Application Online Application Fee: $30 USD (2,461 INR)

University of South Florida Admissions: Selection Criteria

The University of Florida follows a evaluative methods for admissions decisions by conducting a thorough assessment of every student academic readiness and performance.

The Admissions Committee considers various factors such as the academic record, the institution’s caliber attended, curriculum rigor, and individual course achievements.

Employing a comprehensive review process encompassing both academic and non-academic criteria, the university maintains a highly selective acceptance rate of 30%.

The admissions review aims to maintain a balance between subjective and objective components within applications. Acknowledging the considerable diversity among applicants regarding home communities, personal circumstances,  and high school backgrounds (including variations in course offerings and grading methods), admission officers exercise professional judgment while adhering to consistent standards.

In graduate admissions, decisions are made at the departmental level, and candidates receive decisions directly from their applied academic unit.

Applicants need to have a valid prior degree, University of Florida admissions exam scores, English proficiency test results, transcripts, a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and a work history. Conditional admission might be offered to students in case they do not meet the specified scores initially.

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