Georgia Tech Admissions 2024: Acceptance rate, Application Fees & Deadline

Georgia Tech, is a prominent public research university situated in the United States. The university provides a diverse range of courses with over 130 majors and minors focusing on the practical education of technology across various fields of study.

Georgia Tech College of Engineering and College of Computing, holds considerable national acclaim. The university also offers competitive programs in departments such as business, liberal arts, design, and sciences.

Georgia Institute of Technology Admissions presents a challenge to students, with an acceptance rate of 36% for in-state applicants and merely 12% for those applying from out-of-state.

The university comprises of 45,000 students from across all 50 states and 149 countries, whether on the main campus in Atlanta, at international campuses in Metz, France or Shenzhen, China, or even via distance or online learning, read further!

This guide aims to outline Georgia Tech’s admission criteria, application deadlines, and valuable tips to assist you in constructing a compelling application.

Georgia Institute of Technology admissions process is highly competitive, with an overall acceptance rate of 18%. Specifically, the acceptance rate stands at 36% for residents of Georgia and 12% for non-residents, indicating both the competitive nature and popularity of the university.

To get admissions in Georgia Tech you need to have exceptional performance across all aspects of your college application.

The early action acceptance rate for in-state applicants hovers around 40%, with 6,437 applications received and 2,577 students accepted in the last cycle.

On the flip side, non-Georgia residents experienced a lower early action acceptance rate of approximately 10%, with 2,838 applications received from 48 states and 79 countries globally.

For regular decision applications, Georgia Tech received over 52,000 submissions and admitted approximately 36% of Georgia residents and 12% of non-residents.

Encouragingly, the admissions office reported increased admissions for the 2023 class compared to the prior year and expressed plans to intentionally grow enrollment across their campuses in the future.

Regarding transfer students, Georgia Tech maintains a 50% acceptance rate for Georgia residents and a 35% acceptance rate for non-residents. The university is a sought-after destination for applicants both within and outside the United States, reflecting its widespread popularity.

For further information on transferring colleges or crafting a transfer essay, interested individuals can refer to additional resources available.

Georgia Institute of Technology Admissions Deadline

The regular decision application deadline at Georgia Tech falls on January 4th, 2024. In addition to regular decision, Georgia Tech offers an early action application option. The early action deadline is October 16th for Georgia students and November 1st for non-Georgia students.

Notification Plan Application Material Application Deadline
Early Action 1 2024 Application Deadline October 16
Document Deadline October 30
Test Scores Deadline November 20
Admissions Decisions Released TBD
Early Action 2 2024 Application Deadline November 1
(non-GA students) Document Deadline November 15
Test Scores Deadline January 2
Admissions Decisions Released TBD
Regular Decision 2024 Application Deadline January 4
Document Deadline January 17
Test Scores Deadline January 17
Admissions Decisions Released TBD

Georgia Institute of Technology Admissions Application Fees

The initial application fee for first-year applicants is $75, while international applicants are charged $85, which is non-refundable. If a student pays the application fee but does not submit their application, the fee will not be refunded.

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