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Contra-Tiempo's "Agua Furiosa"

Agua Furiosa is loosely inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest and the Afro Cuban deity of the wind and storms, Oya. Through call and response, improvisational scores, multiple water themes and personal narrative both Black and Latino, Agua Furiosa invites audiences to face some of the gruesome contradictions of color, poverty and immigration in the US. The work aims to invent new paradigms for how we think about and live inside of this shifting conversation of race in America. This rich blend of intentions, along with Contra-Tiempo’s imaginative collaboration between music, song, sound, set and costume, create a culturally inclusive theatrical medium representing a worldview that transcends boundaries of this post-post modern city of Los Angeles. The result is both personal and global.

About the Company

Contra-Tiempo is a Los Angeles based dance company founded and directed by Ana Maria Alvarez. The company is dedicated to transforming the world through dance. Their unique urban Latin dance theater work brings to life voices that are not traditionally heard on the concert stage. Contra-Tiempo builds community, facilitates dialogue and moves youth to imagine what is possible in the world. Contra-Tiempo fuses Salsa, Afro-Cuban, and contemporary urban and abstract dance theater, to create an invigorating blend of physically intense and politically astute performance work. While their performances are consistently electrifying, what sets the company apart most is its unique relationship to its own community. Contra-Tiempo is, much like the community it reaches, a tapestry. Contra-Tiempo is an active and uncompromisingly radical take on ways in which artists function within communities. Its company members are professional dancers, and immigrants, teachers, activists, organizers and movers of all types living and working in Los Angeles. Each company member lives, expresses, and struggles within the varied and infinitely complex political and personal landscapes that Alvarez seeks to address in her work.

Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 7:30pm

$16/Adult, $14/Senior, $8/Youth



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